Anxiety Hypnotherapy

, Anxiety Hypnotherapy, Bournemouth Counselling & Hypnotherapy

Are you sufferring with anxiety?

If you are suffering with anxiety currently, please don’t feel alone. It is extremely common for people to experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Asking for help is the first step.

, Anxiety Hypnotherapy, Bournemouth Counselling & Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Services for Anxiety in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Counselling and Hypnotherapy are here to help

Our mental health is just as crucial as our physical health. It is so common for us to neglect ourselves by getting lost in our hectic lives. We carry on juggling life at a fast pace and forget how important it is to look after ourselves. This can occasionally cause severe anxiety that can be triggered by stress, past trauma and other experiences.

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Understanding anxiety and finding the root cause

Anxiety can display itself in many different ways. It can be an incredibly frightening experience and for some sufferers this can stop them from leaving their homes and carrying on with their daily lives. Consequently, this may easily leave a person feeling awfully low and unable to focus on simple tasks like showering and eating. This can be extremely concerning for the sufferer and their loved ones.

There are many types of anxiety. The most common forms are Social Anxiety and Health Anxiety. I have extensive knowledge and experience in this area so can offer to teach you various techniques that will help to ease your symptoms and start living again.

How can Hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy can offer an effective way to explore why you feel anxious and how to overcome it. This form of hypnosis keeps you in control, whilst allowing you to relax and come to terms with how you are feeling. We can move forward at your own pace and work together to ease you into feeling comfortable in your own skin.

If you feel that hypnotherapy or counselling may benefit you in your struggle with anxiety, please contact us today. Don’t suffer in silence and take a brave step towards recovery.