Counselling Services for Depression in Bournemouth

Bournemouth Counselling and Hypnotherapy can offer support

Many different factors can cause depression. Sometimes there may be no reason for feeling low which may cause you to feel confused, hopeless, lack motivation and simply not be able to carry on with anything. Being able to talk with a counsellor can be extremely helpful in your recovery. Sometimes all that is needed is a person to be there and listen. A related or a friend may not be the appropriate person. It is understandable that you may not want to discuss certain issues with the closest people around you.

If we go through life without expressing our emotions, fears and discussing our pasts then our thoughts and feelings can become supressed. This can often make us ill mentally and physically. It is crucial to open up so that those feelings can be released. Literally, a weight from your shoulders can be lifted

Do you sometimes feel stuck in life?

Learning to release some of your unwanted thoughts and feelings can be of great help. It is so common to feel held back in life by past memories and how you were. If you live in the past then it is very difficult to move forward into the future if you hold on to past thoughts, feelings and reactions. Working through past issues and discovering that there are new opportunities ahead can really open doors for you. Learning to take small steps and being kind to yourself is key. Having support while you are doing this can be extremely rewarding.

It’s very important for you to realise that your journey does not have to be alone. Having a counsellor to listen, without judgement can really compliment your development and progression to moving forward to a happier future.

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